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Welding Week

Is welding, joining and cutting metals and/or plastics your profession? Then Welding Week is your trade fair!

  • Installations and equipment for welding and surfacing metals
  • Installations and equipment for welding plastics
  • Installations and equipment for soldering
  • Installations and equipment for cutting and removing stiffs
  • Installations and equipment for thermal processes
  • Industrial robots
  • Data processing, control and regulation systems
  • Measuring devices and sensors
  • General accessories
  • Filler metals for welding
  • Filler metals, consumables and additives
  • Gases and equipment for gases
  • Joining and adhesive materials
  • Methods of surface treatment (pre- and post-processing)
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Destructive and non-destructive tests
  • Services


At Metal, you will find manufacturers, importers, suppliers and wholesalers of industrial production technologies. Exhibitors operate in various segments of the metal sector.

  • Metalworking machines
  • Sheet metal working machines
  • Pipe processing machines
  • 3D metal printers
  • Surface treatment machines
  • Cleaning machines
  • Wire processing machines
  • Industrial tools
  • Industrial automation
  • Industrial liquids


During Subcontracting, industrial suppliers come together at Antwerp Expo

  • Producers of raw materials and materials
  • Metalworking services
  • Plastic and rubber processing services
  • Thermal and surface treatment – Special focus
  • Prototype manufacturing & low volume manufacturing
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly and welding services
  • Microtechnical components and assembly
  • Producers of components and semi-finished products
  • Engineering and industrial services for subcontracting
  • CAD – CAM – design systems
  • Molding & tooling
  • 3D-printing

Successful new exhibition concept

Following the successful launch of ‘Journée du Métal‘ for the French-speaking Belgian market in June 2022 and Easyfairs Spain‘s successful new exhibition concept Advanced Manufacturing, we are proud to present ‘Advanced Manufacturing Belgium’: a combination of the two. The all-in stands like during Journée du Métal will return but with the open character and printed back wall (pictured) of Spain.

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Account manager Subcontracting

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